working at h&g

There's a Helen & Gertrude in us all.

We believe in finding that perfect balance between leading and learning. Between knowing when to strut your confidence and when to be humble. Between finding function without losing form.

The one thing that doesn't walk a fine line here: Transparency. We value openness and honesty, especially when it comes to getting the feedback you need to be empowered for change and professional growth. This also applies to being-in-the-know about our agency happenings, no matter what adjectives are in your title.

Partnership & Relationships

We deeply care about each other. Which in turn, helps us care for our clients and their brands like they're our own.

Creativity & Innovation

We're uncomfortable with the idea of being comfortable. We're always evolving, and looking forward, onward, and upward.

Intelligence & Empathy

We love our scientific methods, but we're not robots. Emotional intelligence is valued in our work and the way we work together.

OUR Culture

We’re a true #hgsociety. But don't worry, not in an elitist way. We value high fives, camaraderie, and our fur babies. (Yes, please do bring your doggo into the office.) And thanks to our neighbors, we're typically hyped up on donuts, tacos, and at cocktail hour … tequila.

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